Regarding Clementine

"Regarding Clementine"

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Clementine Gallery announces the opening of a group exhibition curated by
Choire Sicha entitled Regarding Clementine which will feature new work by

* Nina Katchadourian
* Jennifer Dalton
* Eric Heist
* Jonathan Ames
* Patrick Bucklew
* Chuck Nanney
* Type A
* Cindy Workman
* Joy Garnett
* Eliot Shepard
* Courtney Tramposh
* Greg Allen
* Fort Necessity

Clementine Gallery is located at 526 West 26 Street, Suite 211, New York.

Regarding Clementine will run from January 6 - February 5, 2005, and will
be on view during regular gallery hours, Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 6 pm and
by appointment. A closing reception for the public will be held on Friday,
February 4, 6-8 pm.

Regarding Clementine will take a microcosm Clementine itself and exploit
it for a discussion of the discomforts and joys of the art industry, the
life of artists, the practices of curation and creation, and the
ugly-pretty evolution of West Chelsea itself. Art galleries are an
intensely private place of public use; they are stores, salons, and, at
their best, a home of idealism in a ruthless and sometimes cynical
marketplace. Each of the 12 artists or collectives in the show will create
new work for (or during) the exhibition. Their work has to do, ultimately,
with how art objects get made and priced and bought and viewed and curated
and reviewed and, of course, gossiped about. Performances will occur
irregularly, and work will be made in the gallery and during the course of
the show. A performance schedule will be available at the gallery as it

Nina Katchadourian, Jennifer Dalton, and Eric Heist are something like
systems analysts within the art world. For her project at Clementine,
Dalton will be digging deep in the financial lives of Clementines artists;
Katchadourian likes her jokes both linguistic and anthropomorphic. Shes
working up something musical and special that addresses quality of life
for artists. A novelist and comic performer, Jonathan Ames will be joined
in an irregular live performance as a work of art most probably on
Saturdays – by Patrick Bucklew, better known by the moniker The Mangina.
Chuck Nanney will work live in audio and light at Clementine, churning up
ideas of pop culture consumption – and quite possibly playing the
theremin. Type A the two-man collective of Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin–
perform masculine competitive and cooperative experiments and projects.
Theyll be working on a big new piece for the show which takes on the
predatory nature of collecting and art viewing. Cindy Workman utilizes
collage to sly effect. Shell be working part-time at Clementine,
soliciting pictures of gallery attendees. Joy Garnett will quote Ruscha to
debut a gorgeous series of new paintings, New Yorks Chelsea Art District
on Fire. Eliot Shepard will be lurking about documenting, then printing
photographs of, life in and around the gallery. Courtney Tramposh is a
young art student who makes quirky paper constructions and incredibly
skilled drawings. Greg Allen is a filmmaker, journalist, and collector;
this is his first appearance as an artist in a commercial gallery. Fort
Necessity an irregular and lovely poetry publication by Lily Mazzarella,
Cynthia Nelson, Maggie Nelson, and Jennie Portnof – will curate, with a
little audience help, the fifth edition of the journal at the exhibition.

Curator Choire Sicha works as the editorial director of Gawker Media. He
writes the weekly Arts & Leisure Guide for the New York Times, and his
writing regularly appears in that paper, the Los Angeles Times, the New
York Observer, and elsewhere.

Contact the gallery at 212-243-5937 or at
for further information.