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Muntadas: On Translation: Web

On Translation: Web, a project by Ricardo Iglesias is produced on the occasion of the Muntadas exhibition On Translation: Museum at MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona ). It is an approach to and an abstraction of the concepts to be found at the base of the On Translation projects. Faced with that complexity and variety of ideas, a new level of translation is generated, translation into bits of information for the web-site, translation into different programmes –HTML, dynamic HTML (dHTML), JavaScript, flash animations– so that to some extent we reach the final dematerialisation of the works into pure programming codes, i.e., a new work in metalanguage where, in the end, only the translation and the loss remain.

The artistic activities of Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) have been defined by a critical analysis of the role of the media in the symbolic construction of contemporary social reality. From the mid-1970s onwards his attention has focused on the environment created by what he calls the "media landscape": political propaganda, advertising, economic and ideological power groupings, and culture criticism.

On Translation: Museum is an exhibition in which the artist’s projects from the On Translation series are reinterpreted. This exhibition at the MACBA, covers four essential aspects of Muntadas’ work: architecture, the media, the city and the museum; an urban project realized especially for this occasion called On Translation: The Image, an in-depth publication; and the on-line project sited in the projects section at http://www.macba.es and at http://muntadas.macba.es