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Shorts! (4th edition)
International Short Film Festival Amsterdam
12-16 March 2003

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Roetersstraat 170
1018 WE
The Netherlands.

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greatings: Raymond Deirkauf.

The entertaining and educational function of short films preceding a feature film is already a thing of the past. They live a lively existence that stretches far beyond the lines of traditional cinema. In spite of the increasing public attention and popularity of this genre and the new opportunities of presentation (Internet), short film still lacks an adequate stage in the Netherlands. Cinema Kriterion believes it's necessary to give makers of short films the opportunity to show their work. Therefore, we are proud to announce the fourth edition of the International Shorts! Film Festival in Amsterdam.
Shorts! 4 aims to offer the short film its own stage to make the work of the makers of short films accessible to a wide audience. Building on the success of Shorts!1, 2 and 3, the ambitions of Shorts! 4 will go far beyond those of its predecessors. The festival will be enhanced in cooperation with cinema De Balie and quite likely in two other cities in The Netherlands. This will make the festival accessible to a broader audience and make it more attractive for filmmakers to show their films.


We would like to invite filmmakers to submit their film for selection of this year's edition of the Shorts! Festival. Participation will offer filmmakers the opportunity to show their work to a broad audience, discuss their ideas and experiences with colleagues from all over the world and keep abreast about the latest developments within their specialty.

Entering Shorts! 4 is possible for films that have been produced after September 1 2001; acceptance criteria are: film (16 and 35 mm), video (VHS and Betacam SP) and DVD, of which the maximum length should not exceed 30 minutes. Entry deadline is 1 January 2003.


Main Programme
-International Competition. In this competition selected films from all over the world will compete for the Shorts! Award and the Audience Award. Our programmers will focus on fresh and new quality films: disregarding genre, production quality or budget. Decisive is the personal vision of the filmmaker in relation to social reality, cultural identity and esthetical innovation in image and sound, because in this era of mass media, globalisation and the allied impersonal uniformity of society these personal visions are extremely important.
-Shorts! Kids Programme. The selected films in this programme are appropriate for kids aged 6 to 12 years old and will be rewarded by the Kids Audience Award. The organisation highly values humour and playfulness going together with quality films.
-Shorts! Kids Programme By Kids. Apart from films made for children, this edition of Shorts! will feature a block of films that are made by children. These films will be considered for the Kids Award, likewise the Shorts! Kids Programme children can give their personal opinion about the films.

Filmmakers are invited to enter films for the International Competition and the Shorts! Kids Programme.

Special Programme: