Re: Even the Small Have Birthdays

there are some great pixelated historical entries on this, nice idea.
a litle more on the princeton pixels and how they grew up here

Pixelvision: A Meditation
by Andrew Zolli / for Core77

On 13 Sep 2004, at 08:00, Net Art News wrote:

> September 13, 2004
> Even the Small Have Birthdays
> The subway may be hitting centennial and ol' Times Square clocking
> the same years, but our smallest 'picture element' has a birthday
> coming, too. And this time, it won’t be overlooked. In 1954,
> Princeton researchers created the first computer graphic, and
> consequently, our first pixel. 2004 marks the pixel's 50th birthday,
> and intends to celebrate. A timeline depicting history
> in all its pixilated glory, curates pixelart submissions
> for each year of the pixel - from its Jersey birth to its ubiquitous
> middle age. The release of Windows95, Tupac's death, and the
> millennium bug are milestones of the last decade. In its entirety, the
> pixel timeline is akin to the Academy's lifetime achievement award, or
> an A&E biography, just a bit more squared around the edges. Sixteen
> countries and 24 artists currently represent pixelgala, and the
> timeline still needs stuffing. The template for submissions can be
> found online at the gala. Call for ! work expires on Sunday 28th
> November 2004 12pm GMT. - Alyssa Wright