Facade - Call for Participation

Public Art Work - Call for Participation.

Facade: Telematic Installation/Performance
DATES: Projections - Saturday, 2 October, 2004.
WEB SITE: http://www.facade.net.au
VENUE: Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A telematic installation allowing the public, to playfully decorate the
exterior of a building in the City of Melbourne, Australia.

The web site allows participants to 'paint' the exterior of the
ACMI/SBS building at Federation Square. The designs are created using a simple java applet available on the web site, and are stored with the participants name and comments if provided. On the evening of 2 October 2004, from 8pm onwards, these designs are projected back onto the said facade. A simple web cast of the event will allow remote participants to view the projections. An archive is created of all participants designs alongside the resultant projection of that design.

The project engages the public in an unprecedented and intimate manner. Through the facilities provided by the internet, the local and international community is able to participate in a playful
intervention, affecting a prominent public space in the City of
Melbourne, Australia.

INFO: Greg Giannis
EMAIL: facade@grottoe.org
ONLINE: http://www.facade.net.au