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The 1st International Video Art Biennial in Israel

Video-Zone will be held at the Digital ArtLab in Holon, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, the Herzliya Museum of Art, as well as in Tel Aviv's leading galleries between November the 20th And 26th.

The DigitalArtLab in Holon will show the exhibition Story Agent, the first exhibition in Israel incorporating video art, video installations, net.art, and performance. Created by Israeli and foreign artists of varying ages, some of the works were made especially for the exhibition; some were even produced at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. The works selected for the current show undermine the classical linear-narrative structure of cinema, promoting ideas of algorithmic video, constructing multiple narratives on a single time channel, interactive video, video as a database, and the viewer's incorporation whether in the work or in its screening mode. The exhibition explores the changes brought about by digital cinema and the influences of new technologies on time-based art.

the official opening of the Biennial will be held at the DigitalArtLab on the 20th at 20:00 and will feature:

The Spy School by Ambient Tv.Net (GB)- site specific telematic theatre performances

Civil War by D. Fire (IL)- Short Live Act featuring synesthetic version 1.01 build 666