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Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion -- A Lecture by Oliver Grau, Tues 12/10/02

Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion
A Lecture by Oliver Grau
Tuesday, December 10 7 pm
Tishman Auditorium, New School University
66 West 12th Street
live webcast @ http://netart-init.org, 7pm EST

In conjunction with the publication of Oliver Grau's Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (forthcoming from The MIT Press), the author describes how virtual art fits into the history of art, and specifically artists'search for illusionary visual space, which can be traced back to antiquity. He describes the metamorphosis of the concepts of art and the image and relates those concepts to interactive art, interface design, agents, telepresence, and image evolution. He traces immersive cinema through
Cinerama, Sensorama, Expanded Cinema, 3-D, Omnimax and IMAX, and the Head-Mounted Display with its military origins. His analysis draws on the work of contemporary artists and groups ART+COM, Maurice Benayoun, Charlotte Davies, Monika Fleischmann, Ken Goldberg, Agnes Hegedues, Eduardo Kac, Knowbotic Research, Laurent Mignonneau, Michael Naimark, Simon Penny, Daniela Plewe, Paul Sermon, Jeffrey Shaw, Karl Sims, Christa Sommerer, and Wolfgang
Strauss. Oliver Grau is Lecturer in Art History at Humboldt University, Berlin, and head of the German Science Foundation's project on "Immersive Art."

The lecture is moderated by Christiane Paul, the Whitney's adjunct curator of new media arts, and is jointly organized by the Goethe-Institut New York, the Whitney Museum of
American Art, The MIT Press, and the NetArt Initiative.

The program is sponsored by the Center for New Design at Parsons School of Design, a Division of New School University

Free admission
Reserve online @ http://netart-init.org/event