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Call for Participation - SIGGRAPH 2006 - Boston

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 27, 2006, midnight

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery is accepting submissions for artwork which uses digital technology in creative/innovative ways and explores new territories and crosses traditional boundaries.

DEADLINE Jan 27, 2006 5 PM Pacific time

The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery is considering (but not limited to) the following types of work:

• Interactive Art Installations and Environments
Artworks that involve electronically mediated spaces, kiosks where the environment is part of the art, and art that expands beyond the frame.

• Fusion Works
Works that combine innovative technology and creative art expression.

• Interactive Electronic Art Sculptures, Objects, Robotics
Sensor-driven art, robotics, found-object art, constructed interfaces.

• Interactive Audio Installations
Experimental interactive music, digital sound environments.

• CD/DVD-ROM and Web-based Work (on the monitor)
Screen-based work, database art, web art, interactive programs.

• 2D Still Images
Digital painting, digital imaging, prints, and mixed-media works.

• 3D Still Images
Framed still-image artwork created using 3D software or algorithms.

• 4D Wall-hung Work
Works that reside in a frame or on the wall but move. For instance, a plasma screen with a slowly evolving image, or a projection onto a frame on the wall. These types of work typically require electricity and possibly special equipment.

• Interactive Electronically Mediated Performance
Digital art happenings, small-scale dance, music, theatrical, performance art and/or hybrid works that uses technology in a creative/innovative way.

• Art Animations (submitted to the Computer Animation Festival)
Artistically expressive, experimental, narrative or non-narrative.

• Art Talks and Sketches (submitted to Sketches)
Thought-provoking ideas, works in progress, ideas behind the artwork, theoretical paper presentations, "the making of" the artwork, etc.

• Art Papers
Theoretical papers that deal with contemporary, historical, and conceptual issues in digital art.

If your artwork is thought-provoking, explores ideas in innovative ways, address contemporary issues, interactively engages the viewer in the unfolding of meaning, and captivates the viewer's intellectual and creative self, then you should submit your work online at the SIGGRAPH 2006 website:

Click Call for Participation - Art Gallery

SIGGRAPH 2006 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA July 30 - Aug 3.

The absolute deadline for submissions is Jan 27, 5:00 Pacific time.

Bonnie Mitchell
SIGGRAPH 06 Art Show Chair
"Intersections", Boston, MA USA
July 30 - August 3