Nov 27th - Dec 1st: digitalBIEDERMEIER

[d]vision 2002
/// digitalBIEDERMEIER: re/producing the private ///

>From 27th November until 1st December 2002 [d]vision, the Vienna Festival For Digital Culture presents once again a diverse cross section of contemporary media culture. A conference, an exhibition and filmscreenings are exploring new approaches to the topic of private and
public sphere in digital age.

The festival presents an international conference, film/video screenings and a great electronic music program.
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::[d]vision is an international forum for mediatheory, digital film, video and expanded media such as CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet. [d]vision is exploring the media void and is bringing up important issues for the competent discourse in media society. [d]vision - Festival For Digital Culture presents contemporary trends and issues in mediaculture in an independent festival for young professionals and the creative class in Vienna / Austria.

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