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Call for Applications - Graduate Studies (MFA)

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 25, 2006, midnight

Call for Applications - Graduate Studies (MFA)

Computer Art
Department of Transmedia
Syracuse University

The Computer Art Program at Syracuse University is actively seeking graduate applications for the Fall of 2006. We have many assistantships available (almost all of our Graduate population is fully covered with TA's, GA's and remitted tuition). There are also several opportunities for travel and research funding, fellowships and scholarships.

Our community consists of 3 full time faculty, 80 undergraduate students and 8 graduate students. Moreover, our program is a part of the Department of Transmedia, which has around 30 graduate students in additional programs of Photography, Video and Film. Syracuse has several venues for exhibiting work, including Spark Contemporary Art Space ( http://www.sparkartspace.com/ ) which is largely organized by Transmedia graduate students. But our students exhibit much more than locally; the Graduate students in Computer Art are active professionals, showing/lecturing internationally and having great success in the industry and in academia upon graduation. Thesis work varies greatly, including research in physical computing, multi-media, digital imaging, 3D animation, audio and unique mixtures of these and other methodologies. In addition to becoming highly skilled, our students become adept scholars, balancing their practice with critical theory and relevant researched content. The program is generally a 3-year process (although it can be done in two), and our curriculum is very flexible to accommodate each student's unique artistic vision.

Recent graduates:
Hyun Ju Kim / 2003 / Assistant Professor at UMASS Lowell
Laura Rusnak / 2004 / Assistant Professor at Bowling Green
Eileen Martinez / 2002 / Creative Director at AtlanticBT

Current graduates:
Luke Lamborn / 2006 / http://lucidstraw.com/
Rebecca White / 2006 / http://rebeccawhite.us/
Sean Hovendick / 2006 / http://studiofusion.com/sean/
Matt Frieburghaus / 2006 / http://www.mfhaus.com/

If you are interested in applying, please refer to this site:

We prefer CD’s/DVD’s - be sure they are Mac compatible. You can send slides and video tapes if necessary.