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invites you to present, exhibit, and/or discuss your interactive projects.

November 8 - 10, 2002 : The Forum

An event in the project
Si : Alors : Sinon
Art and Interactivity

Is computer programming an art practice?

November 8th, 2002 to October 27th, 2003

A year of reflection,
exploration and production
of new works.

The meeting

Throughout the next year, DAIMON will host four events to explore the diverse preoccupations of the project Si :Alors :Sinon :, involving exchange amongst artists, other cultural producers, and the public. Our first event will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas amongst artists interested in the creation of interactive works; this forum will also serve as a spring-board for the questioning surrounding Si :Alors :Sinon :, including discussing the acquired knowledge and risks of interactivity in art.

For this first forum, DAIMON invites all interested artists to present and discuss their interactive projects, whether or not these projects are complete. For the purposes of this forum, we will use the term