Paradise Redux: this weekend at Fort Point Open Studios in Boston

Buona Sera from iKatun-land,

We'd like to invite you out to see Paradise in a new incarnation at Gallery M3 in the Artists' Community Building (300 Summer Street) during Fort Point Open Studios this weekend. We've worked hard to re-envision Paradise in a smaller, entirely different space. It's worth seeing (IMHO) for those of you who saw it a first time.

Read below or open the PDF at for reception, hours, details, info and more.

Hope to see you again………….


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The iKatun Collective presents

Paradise: A large-scale interactive artwork at the intersection of Art & Technology

“Paradise”, a large-scale interactive installation created by the iKatun collective and based on Dante’s Paradise will be exhibited at Gallery M3 at the Artists’ Community Building at 300 Summer Street from October 18th to November 30th, 2002.

iKatun’s Paradise is based on Dante’s Paradise from the Divine Comedy, however, iKatun’s Paradise is not about perfect morality but about perfect information. iKatun’s Paradise alludes to a faultless model of information to which all media systems aspire and a space where entropy does not exist.

Visitors to the Paradise installation walk through labyrinths of white fabric and minimalist soundscapes to reach a large grid of LED lights controlled by a computer program. The LED grid runs patterns of light based on “The Game of Life” . The patterns change and evolve based on the visitor’s voice.

Paradise involved the work of more than 10 local artists, programmers, engineers, and musicians working collaboratively over the past year. Paradise will be presented at the Gallery M3 in the Artists’ Community Building in conjunction with Fort Point Open Studios weekend.

Paradise will be open during the opening reception for the Fort Point Arts Community Gallery’s Group Show on Friday, October 18th, from 5PM to 8PM. The exhibit will continue to be open to the public during Fort Point Open Studios: Saturday, October 19th & Sunday, October 20th from 11AM to 5PM. Thereafter, Paradise can be viewed by making an appointment via email ( or telephone (617.501.6538).

About iKatun
iKatun is a non-profit collective of artists and technologists co-founded in 2000 by Catherine D’Ignazio and Savic Rasovic. iKatun creates multimedia, installation, and performance artworks in physical space and cyberspace. iKatun also curates and produces art exhibits that bring technology and interactivity into the artwork. iKatun works in a uniquely collaborative way that involves the efforts of many different types of professionals including artists, engineers, programmers, designers, musicians and administrators. iKatun is a 501c3 organization based in Boston, MA.

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