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The Imaginary Hotel - By Andrea Zapp

The Imaginary Hotel - By Andrea Zapp
An interactive installation in a public gallery space, linked to a website communicating with the real room.

The Imaginary Hotel allows visitors to occupy and design their ideal room and fill it with personal content and inspiration. It will be set up in the Chapman Gallery in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK between October 9th and 31st, 2002. The installation architecture resembles a typical hotel room; yet choosing image, video and sound footage from the net via the room TV menu, can alter the standard interior and even hotel location. At the same time Internet participants can interfere by modifying or uploading further material via the hotel website. They are also able to ring up the gallery visitors via a specially designed web-telephone interface. A web cam is streaming real time video from the hotel to the website to document the ongoing changes.

The Chapman Gallery, Salford, the Cornerhouse, Manchester and Folly, Lancaster.
October 9th to 31st, 2002
for info visit www.azapp.de

Special project presentation by the artist:

October 19th, 2.00 pm, Folly, 26 Castle Park, Lancaster, LA1 1YQ. http://www.folly.co.uk