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Ends "MADRID EDITION, Temptations Fair" (23rd - 27th October))

"MADRID/EDITION, Temptations Fair"
23rd - 27th October 2002

"MADRID/EDITION, Temptations Fair", a new proposal for the diffusion of Contemporary Art Edition, Video and New Technologies, will take place in Madrid.
Director: Victor del Campo.

This new show comes from the reflection and deep analysis on the need of a new platform in Madrid to provide a new approach to a quality market of the last art tendencies to as many cultural, managerial and social sectors as possible. It will focus on recovering the concept of human scale as well as the idea of embracing space and time to enjoy and assimilate from an alternative and independent position.

The venue will be one of the surprises of the event. It will take place in an emblematic site in downtown Madrid thus making access easier to the general public as well as emphasizing its human and urban dimensions.

The structure of the project is based on the following sections:

The Market of Temptations. The best offer in avant-garde art at the best price offered by prestigious galleries like: Carlos Tache, BARCELONA, Spencer Brownstone, NUEVA YORK, Art of this Century, NEW YORK-BARCELONA, Yves Riviere, PARIS, Estiarte MADRID, amongst others.

Temptations. 5 proposals / 5 spaces. Presentation of the projects of five different international artists. The work of some of these internationally acclaimed vanguard artists will be shown in Madrid for the first time.
Sven Pahlsson / Spencer Brownstone, New York (video screening).
Jordi Colomer / Carles Tache, Barcelona (video screening).
Angeles Marco / Galeria 57, Madrid (video screening).
Eduardo Valderrey / Astarte, Madrid (screening on sculpture).
Mario Rey / Trazos Tres, Santander (photography / diaporama).
Curator: Elena Fernandez

The City of Temptations. A city, a curator, a multiple and concrete view of the latest art tendencies circumscribed to the space of the city and the urban environment as a centre of culture and social art. This first edition will be devoted to the city of Buenos Aires. The artists taking part are: Silvia Rivas, Pablo Siquier, Graciela Hasper, Hernan Marina, Matilde Marin and Gaston Duprat.

The Memory of Temptations. Connections with the historic memory of the 20th Century through edition, multiplicity and the result of creating a diffusion of the knowledge, art and ideas. The work of the following artists from the Electronic Arts Intermix archive will be shown: Marina Abramovic, Nam June Paik, Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Bruce Nauman, Gordon Matta-Clark and Shigeko Kubota.

Tentacion/Temptation Magazine. The magazine Tentacion/Temptation will be launched during MADRIDEDITION/Temptations Fair with a great space where the artists that have collaborated in the first issue of the magazine will present their work. The photographs of Luis Baylon, Luis Asin, Pedro Martinez de Albornoz and Isabel Matoses will be shown together with the video projections of Yves Netzhammer and Olaf Breuning. The launching gala will take place on the 24th October, at 21pm in the Palace Hotel, Madrid.

The fair will take place at the TEMPTATIONS PALACE (Plaza de Espana 8 - 28008 Madrid, SPAIN)