NY artists go to Washington...

Eleven Bulls, in conjunction with Washington, D.C.-based DECATUR BLUE gallery, presents:

"Eleven Bulls: NYCinDC"

8 to midnight

Intermedia works by 11 New York artists:

Jaime Alvarez
Bridget Batch
Angela Cappetta
Fritz Chesnut
Chad Ferber
Jason Frank
Joy Garnett
John Hogan
David Mandl
Emily Roz
Julio Soto

With Music by > Spaceships Panic Orbit:

"Electro-acoustic free improvisation trio with sax, laptop
electronics, and electronics triggered by hacksawed LPs."

Decatur Blue

2329 Champlain St. NW
Second floor
Washington, DC 20009
Adams Morgan
parallel to 18th St
between Euclid and Kalorama

The Eleven Bulls: NYCinDC exhibition at Decatur Blue presents work by 11 artists working in or around New York City. Within the work, a triad of conceptual responses converge: The tendency to examine the Media's presentation of ideas and information, popular culture's consumption and
assimilation into art, and the conflicts and harmonies of natural and artificial spaces.

Curatorially, it is an assessment of the concerns of artists who are working in New York City.

This exhibit marks the beginning of Decatur Blue's active
interest in creating a visual dialogue between different art collectives and organizations. As a part of this collaboration, Decatur Blue will curate an exhibit concentrating on the radial perspectives and implications of Washington-based art, which will be hosted by Eleven Bulls in New York.

* * *

Decatur Blue…
Open Saturdays: Noon - 5pm (between Oct 5 - Oct 26)
info: decaturblue@yahoo.com or http://www.elevenbulls.com