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ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network and GraceCom present: The Creative Spirit in Art and Technology with Bill Viola and Alan Jones

ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network and GraceCom present acclaimed video artist and MacArthur Fellow Bill Viola, and Alan Jones, dean of Grace Cathedral, in a discussion of Viola's current work-in-progress, The Night Journey: An Interactive World.

9:30 a.m.
Sunday morning, October 20
Gresham Hall
Grace Cathedral
1100 California St.
San Francisco, CA
Admission: FREE

An art and technology piece based on the universal story of a mystic's journey towards enlightenment, The Night Journey is also a video game that involves finding clues, interacting with the environment, and solving puzzles to win passage through the journey. Viola uses the lives and writings of great historical figures, including Rumi, Ryokan, Shankara, and St. Anthony. Set to alter the perspectives of a broad spectrum of people who use video games, The Night Journey promises to defy conventional game forms and expand the genre to include rich texts and vibrant images from historical figures and manuscripts. It will also be the first large-scale computer game developed expressly for artistic and not commercial purposes, and the first uniquely digital expression of a timeless spiritual story.

This program is part of The Forum at Grace Cathedral, a weekly live talk show that tackles tough issues relevant in today's society, and features well-known scholars, authors, and personalities. The Forum is a live audio webcast at www.GraceCathedral.org., and is one of the featured programs of GraceCom, the media ministry of Grace Cathedral.

ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network (formerly known as GroundZero: The Art and Technology Network) is a non-profit organization that blends art, technology and culture together to inspire innovation and creativity by empowering artists through the intersection of art and technology. ZeroOne fuels creative art and technology projects by providing infrastructure support and project management, technical resources and funding. Tapping into Silicon Valley's technical talent, equipment and entrepreneurial spirit, the organization is a catalyst for artistic innovation. By expanding cultural horizons through art and technology, ZeroOne gives a whole new generation of artists and patrons an opportunity to change the world.