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Brecht Forum Space

122 West 27th Street, 10th Fl. New York, NY 10001 212.242.4201



Curated by Constant and Rebecca Uchill

Featuring work by Matias Aguilar, Mitsue Balan, Constant, Kate Cusack, Engels,
Elanit Kayne, Leonora Loeb, Loujanjak, Edouard Steinhauer, and Marisa Torres

SundayCREAMYSunday is a whimsical group exhibition of ten artists in dialogue about their vitality and the passage of vibrant moments. SundayCREAMYSunday presents paintings, drawings, video art, installation, and performative work that seize poignant moments and use them as a means to rejoice.

Loujanjak's works on wood address the composite forms of human architecture. This interest in personal internal space is reflected in the work of Matias Aguilar, which explores how images are digested by the conscious and subconscious mind and manifested into memory. Leonora Loeb creates fleshy, distorted, bodily images that, in their sensuality, rhyme Elanit Kayne's physically driven sculptures. These represent visceral processes that yield distinct organic forms.

Kate Cusack's occasion hats and headdresses, shown from the windows of Tiffany's to performances at Lincoln Center, now blend fantasy, fashion, and costume in an interactive gallery installation. They share the notion of disguise with Marisa Torres's installation works, which distort familiar, playful images into foreign, surreal landscapes. The celebration is supplemented by photographer Mitsue Balan's close range images of food: tasty structures to die for.

Suspensions of actualized mythologies, Edouard Steinhauer's shadow boxes create hybrid creatures. They share a sense of performance with the works of Engels, who incorporates a variety of narrative and abstract forms. Finally, poet, video, and installation artist Constant, founder of the organization SnackOnArt, produces multi-media variations on pointed observations about his physical position.

In a fall season duly splintered with probing, somber reflection, this Sunday will be a day of funhouse mirrors and vaudeville celebration – a respite from grief and rather a raucous, eclectic tribute to love and life. SundayCREAMYSunday offers a passage from the sublime through the outlandish – and back again to rest.

Join the artists for an opening reception

Sunday, October 6th 5pm-9pm

With live sound art by MU