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Call for work.

Paul St George is curating an exhibition called Sequences.

The exhibition will aim to answer two questions. Can we gain insights
into the use of sequential images in contemporary digital art by
re-examining chronophotography and pre-cinema? Do we gain a better
understanding of chronophotography and pre-cinema by re-assessing
their histories from a current perspective?

The exhibition will show work that uses sequences of images to
explore ideas of time, movement, duration and space.

Academics and experts from the worlds of multimedia and art are
invited to propose relevant work. If the work is accepted the
proposer will be invited to write an essay about the work and its
relationship with chronophotography or pre-cinema. This collection of
essays will be published in a book at the time of the exhibition.

Paul St George is developing 'Sequences' with Peterborough Digital
Arts in the UK. The first showing of 'Sequences' will be at
Peterborough from 27 November 2004 to 23 January 2005. We then plan
to tour to a number of national and international art galleries.

Are you interested in sequential images? Are you interested in the
relationships between contemporary art and chronophotography or
pre-cinema? If you would like to contribute to 'Sequences' in any
way please write to: Paul St George <email@sequences.org.uk>

You are probably familiar with pre-cinema (magic lanterns, zeotropes,
phenakistiscopes, thaumatropes, praxinoscopes and so on) but you
might want to see some examples of chronophotography at