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DAWN:02- "Digital Arts Week Now" University of Limerick, Ireland.


From Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th of September 2002 the second Digital Arts Week Now (DAWN :02) will be hosted by the University of Limerick.
DAWN :02 combines the technical and creative innovations of UL Interactive Media and Music Technology postgraduate students in what promises to be one of the most exciting multi media events of the year.
The exhibition will be opened on Tuesday, September 24th at 7.00pm in the Performing Arts Centre, Foundation Building, University of Limerick.

All are welcome.

DAWN :02 will allow members of the public experience exciting and novel projects that combine art, science and technology.
The UL Masters in Interactive Media emphasises interactive design, an approach that is unique in the Irish multimedia education sector. The work produced by the students demonstrates inspiring and experimental applications of creativity to technology. The public will be invited to interact with such wide ranging projects as Virtual Skydiving, an Interactive Pop-up Book, User Interfaces for Television Commerce, Sound Activated Interactive Storytelling, a Collaborative Graphic Editing Tool, stress relief through computer interaction, an Interactive See-Saw and a Game using Hand Gesture Recognition.
The UL Masters in Music Technology is a 12-month intensive course dealing with experimental music and sound and is internationally recognised as a leader in its field. Former graduates are now pursuing successful careers in a variety of areas such as composition, performance, research, broadcasting, and software engineering. This year's Music Technology students and external composers will perform a free evening concert on Thursday 26th September, in the Performing Arts Centre, Foundation Building, University of Limerick at 7.30pm.

For further information on see: http://www.csis.ul.ie/imedia/dawn02/