genetic generative psychogeography

Let the algorithm plot it's own course
A Genetic Generative Psychogeographical survey of Amsterdam's redeveloped artificial docklands

Sunday 22 September
14.00 hours
Oostelijke Handelskade
(In front of the bridge to Java Island)

The redevelopment of Amsterdam's artificial harbour islands into a new dense urban environment near the city centre is interesting from all angles. Many ideas are compressed into a relative small area. Everything, every minor detail, is stylistically designed to the maximum level; the clear angles & the straight lines of the grid seems designed to look well on air photographs. In fact: everything might well be designed to look beautiful in a computerized 3D presentation.

A psychogeographical survey of the place uncovers that this area which is designed to be exciting by means of planned diversity in reality shows every sign of unplanned uniformity. Everything is copy-pasted from a catalogue onto a holis