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Open Call/Benefit Album: 1-minute recording and photographs required for album compilation

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 5, 2011, 5 p.m.
  • Location:
    SoundFjord, London, N15 4ER, GB

As part of a large-scale community project, and fundraiser for those
whom have been affected by the recent disturbances in London and across
the country, SoundFjord is working in collaboration with Audio Gourmet's
Harry Towell with the assistance of Bartosz Dziadosz to produce an
album created by the people for the people.
Once complete the
album will be available as a download at the Audio Gourmet website. All
monies will go towards assisting those that have lost their homes and
livelihoods and to help provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative
expression and collaboration within local community projects.

The project NEEDS your help!

are gathering sounds and samples from artists, musicians phonographers
and the general public all over the world. Audio Gourmet will then
process/assemble them into an album.
We are also looking for an album cover and images for each song. If you have inages to submit, please do so in the same manner as sending sound files to us. Thank you!
All artists will get a free
digital copy of the eventual album when it is complete. The album may
also be released as a CD/CDR version.

The Brief:

Sounds can be field recordings, the spoken word, instrument sounds,
drone parts, static/noise, etc. The work should not be finished pieces,
simply unedited sounds. N.B. The piece may be proceed by Audio Gourmet,
based on aesthetic cohesion).
2.) Your submissions should be around A MINUTE or so.
3.) Please send AIFF/WAV files only - or any images you may have - via file transfer such as YouSentIt to info[at]soundfjord.org.uk
Please also send details of your FULL NAME or TITLE as you'd wish to
see them in print, along with your LOCATION, CONTACT DETAILS and
DEADLINE is 05 SEPTEMBER 2011 - we're trying to get these in as quickly as possible so we can start fundraising ASAP!
We hope to work with most if not all material sent, however some sounds
may not be suitable or simply may not physically fit on the
compilation. In this instance will will try to use excerpts.
Thank you! - we look forward to receiving your recordings! PLEASE pass this info on to interested parties!
also link back to Soundfjord.org regularly to find out how to
participate or get involved with workshops and performances/fundraisers
organised in conjunction with Apiary Studios.
Further information:
www.soundfjord.org | www.soundfjord.org/supportus.htm