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Exhibition Opportunity - New Media Caucus+Art Interactive + CAA

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 18, 2005, midnight

New Media/New Work


Be a part of something big and collective: The New Media Caucus is calling for video work to be included in an exhibition at the Art Interactive gallery during the CAA annual conference in Boston. You do not have to be a Caucus member to submit work. The call is open to all.

This exhibition New Media/New Work represents a consortium of new Media organizations working together. The exhibition will consist of several screening areas within the gallery space: two screens are designated for New Media Caucus, one of which will be theme-based, the third section will be curated by Art Technology Boston, and the fourth will be curated by Leonardo Education Forum.

Hosting the event is Art Interactive, a non-profit experimental art space in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Situated in the heart of Central Square, Art Interactive's 2,500 square foot, one-of-a-kind space provides artists a supportive venue for showing cutting-edge work. Art Interactive offers the community in the Greater Boston Area unparalleled opportunities for experiencing innovative art forms.

New Media Caucus members, Lisa Dorin, assistant curator of contemporary art
at the Art Institute of Chicago and Gail Rubini, Associate Professor of Design at Florida State University will be curating the New Media Caucus work. Format and instructions for submissions follow.

The exhibition will be on view throughout the entire conference period, February 22-25. The opening reception will take place on Thursday February 23 from 6-9

NewMediaCaucus+ArtInteractive/CAA06 have produced a companion DVD for documentation and purchase.

Gail Rubini, Florida State University
Lisa Dorin, Art Institute of Chicago



The call for participation will be sent to member lists of CAA-New Media Caucus and Art Interactive. Prospective participants are encouraged to send work with falls into the following categories, 1. documentation of a work previously presented, 2. project proposal/visualization, and 3. art video work. Videos may be up to 3 minutes in length. Shorter works are encouraged.

Please note: No work that is submitted that is longer than 3 minutes will be reviewed/included.

1. Technical Specification: The work will be projected from a DVD at 16x9 aspect ratio

Work should be submitted on a data DVD or CD
The format should be QuickTime using the DV codec (no AVI, MPEG, DVIX etc.)
NTSC (29.97fps)
Do not include titles or credits in the video
*works at the 4x3 aspect ratio will either be cropped to 16x9 or played with black bars on either side of the image.

Work must be of a sufficient technical standard, as any imperfections are magnified when broadcast large. Be aware that abundant handheld camerawork can cause audience nausea, and work using strobe effects will not be accepted.

**Submissions should not have title sequences as New Media Caucus will be creating consistent inter-titles for the program.

2. Rights Clearance
All work submitted must have full clearances for rights including music and other talent rights covered. We will need evidence that that there will be no liability for payments to
artists/contributors/authors/directors, etc. by showing the work on the screen. This will be part of a letter of agreement that must be signed and returned if you are selected to participate.

3. Taste and commercial placement.
In a public place the audience cannot turn the screen off, and we must be sensitive to the fact that people of any age group and disposition could be watching. Where content includes elements of sex, violence, drug use, or subversion, the selection panel will refer to the guidelines set by Art Interactive gallery Space to which all work must adhere.

Product placement and sponsorship logos are not allowed in any explicit manner. Work cannot serve any commercial purpose.


*Please send the media with this application form. No work will be returned.
Your work can posted to a website which we can download. If you are submitting your work this way please email us and give us the website address with specific instructions.

PLEASE SUBMIT ONE VIDEO WORK ONLY (The categories are just meant to help the viewers understand what the type of work they are seeing.)

Work chosen for the exhibition may possibly be shown on a New Media Caucus website archive.

For submission:

New Media Caucus
Gail Rubini
2522 Marston Road
Tallahassee, Florida, 32308

Please submit on dvd/cd only, no tape submissions. The submission form may be included with the dvd/cd or emailed to Gail Rubini at: grubini@mailer.fsu.edu
Please be sure to verify that the data on your cd/dvd is accurate. Please take measures to protect your media from scratching and damage in transit as damaged media will not be reviewed.

Please also contact me, Gail Rubini at grubini@mailer.fsu.edu if you want to upload your matieral.

January 1, 2006 Deadline to receive work
January 15th 2006 Notification to participants
February 22-25, 2006 Exhibition on view at Art Interactive in Boston
Thursday February 23, 6-9 PM Opening Reception at Art Interactive
DVD’s will be available for sale at the opening.



Year of Completion

Running Time

Ratio (16:9 or 4:3)


Brief synopsis/additional

THE MAKER (please list one contact for submissions process)

Contact name

Role in video



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