Presentation' performance + live audiovisual
of an unique publication
in the intersection of art, science and technology,

context weblog
an emergent culture observatory

friday may 2, 2003. 20h.
at sala Metronom
c/ fusina, 9
barcelona. spain

The dissemination, use and social appropriation of new technologies are creating a new world.

The worldwide coordinated protests against war, were just the latest manifestation of the movements that have been enabled by the Internet, like the hacker, free software, peer-to-peer or open scientific knowledge movements. And this fundamental change is just beginning.

Another world is not only possible -its happening.

This emerging technological culture acts as a synthesizer of art, science and traditional knowledge, that in turn fuels the evolutionary change of our species. The networked digital information and apps are the contemporary cultural artifacts, a shared ground for a new planetary culture. *context project aims to contribute to the appropriation and dissemination of this emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre.'
Our way is to publish *context weblog

A weblog (sometimes called a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a format -dated log format- and content -"log of our times"- approach for a web site. At same time are a research platform for real time communication and social networks. *context weblog acts as a filter and context provider, track technological culture and offer digest of news on art, science and technology, and their intersections. The info resources link to the original sources, adopt a transdisciplinar approach and face contradictory paradigms. The flow of information is processed for sampling, mapping and experiencing the new cultural context.

On May 2, 2003, at Metronom
we will present context project concept through a live experience
by the context_live team:

> josep saldana
> joan escofet
> x-flow
> solu
> fernando casanas
> beatriz liebe
(with iluminations by dramatist andres kalawski)


> sala metronom

Sala Metronom is a pioneering space in the artistic scene of Barcelona (Spain), as much by the characteristics that, from their beginning have marked their programming, like by the singular role played in relation to other expositive spaces of the city.

Metronom is born in 1980 thanks to the initiative of the collector Rafael Tous, who decides to support personally a sector of artists whose work is excessively experimental for the galleries of the moment. With a clear vocation of patronage, Rafael Tous begins to promote a series of artistic proposals without profit spirit. And this philosophy, that responds to a true eagerness to offer a platform of support and diffusion to the artist, as well as to the will to contribute to the cultural dinamism of the city, has been since then one of the fundamental pillars on which the management of the room has been based.

> weblog context

An online publication of *context project [ ], which aims to appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre' the planetary civilization that technology allows. current situation highlights the need for this kind of public observatory, of this research and development project, of this innovator model of publishing that wish to contribute to be prepared for coming context, for the next cycle.

Sponsors and patronage are welcome. We are open to partnerships in content creation – with media, book and cultural related, public and private, companies and organisations –, and for related activities. *context* project model to raise funding for their initiatives are grants from foundations, by content syndication and with sponsoring.

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