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Looking for game feedback (play-testing)

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 17, 2005, 8:39 a.m.

Large Animal Games is a small, independent developer of computer games for "casual" players and we're looking for people to help us play-test new games we're developing. If you're interested, just send an email to tester@largeanimal.com to get on our list.

If you are in the NYC area, we're looking for play-testers to come in to our midtown office for 45 minutes and give us feedback on our latest game. Participants will receive a free copy of the finished game, a high-quality Large Animal t-shirt, a crisp new $20 bill, and our hearty thanks.

Please note that we need testers of all levels of gaming experience. Even if the only computer game you ever play on the computer is Windows Solitaire, we'd like to hear from you.

Go to http://www.largeanimal.com/testers to sign up!


Our mission at Large Animal is to make games that are easy to learn and fun for all sorts of players, even those who don't really even think of themselves as gamers.

Visit us at www.largeanimal.com