Trampoline -platform for new media art

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 22, 2005, 6:31 a.m.

Trampoline is dedicated to the promotion of new technology art and artists and aims to present cutting edge art in an informal atmosphere; encouraging new artists to exhibit work to a real audience, whilst providing a platform for established artists working in new directions. Trampoline is based in Nottingham, UK and aims to cultivate the local talent of the surrounding region while also encouraging international participation.
Trampoline began life in 1997 as Nottingham’s first ever platform event for new media art.

This one day/night event is based in Broadway Media Centre, the creative hub of Nottingham
The facilities/spaces which Broadway has to offer include: large lively bar/cafe space, a smaller bar space, foyer, cinema screens and projection onto the outside of the building.

In the forthcoming events we hope to expand the reach of Trampoline, no longer restricting it to one venue but encouraging participating artists to explore the potential of public spaces around Nottingham too.

The next call for submissions is for Trampoline's December event:

1st December Trampoline This will be the opening event for Radiator Festival - the international festival for new technology art.
December’s Trampoline event will reflect the core concern of the Radiator Festival this year, the relationship between performance and new technology.
How can the body and new media connect with each other?
We are calling for work that not only investigates the relationship between the performer’s body and new technology but also the body of the viewer, the audience.
Deadline for Submissions: November 7th

We encourage proposals of work in all formats, as long as they reflect upon elements of new media. Video, installation, performance, web art, computer programmes, music and more are all welcome.
We would also like to encourage initiatives which give the Trampoline audience an insight into the workings of new media and an opportunity to develop their own small creative works, for example in the format of workshops/group activities.

If you have any queries please contact Emma Lewis, Trampoline Coordinator
+44 (0)115 9559956

Please go to and download an application form

Please send Submission material to:

Trampoline Submissions
Broadway Cinema
14 - 18 Broad Street
(include stamped addressed envelope if you wish your material to be returned)