Eugene Presents--a collaborative publication

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 9, 2005, 8:06 p.m.

eugene presents

a collaborative publication of

“The Colossus of Long Island”

Eugene Presents is a unique collaborative publication that connects reader to text and author through the intimate art of handwriting. Participants are provided with identical notebooks and copies of the story and are to hand-copy the story into the notebooks over an extended period of time. Finished notebooks will be displayed as part of an installation for Eugene Presents, during Glowlab’s Open Lab exhibition at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA (Oct 14 - Dec 11).

Eugene Presents aims to be a chronicle of dispersal, spatial and temporal. Distances - both great and small - are to be traveled and mapped out on the pages of these notebooks: impressed in coffee stains and scribbled phone numbers, illustrated through sketches and photographs, or inscribed in novel ways between the lines. We encourage the inclusion of photographs, doodles, drawings, ticket stubs, stickers - even your own writing, music or video stored on CDs or DVDs. In the end, as with any literary publication, there will be many copies of the same story, but each copy in a different hand, and thus many different stories. The finished notebooks, brought together in one place, will constitute a body of writing that maps some of the varieties of form that human movement can take—a chronicle of the infinitely varied routes walked, run, biked, driven, flown, sailed, and pondered.

Ranbir Sidhu’s story was selected from a large pool of submissions for the quality of the writing and for its thematic concerns. Ranbir is a winner of the Pushcart Prize in fiction and his work has previously appeared in many journals and anthologies including The Georgia Review, The Missouri Review, Zyzzyva and Other Voices. In May 2005, he was one of three participants in NOVEL: a Living Installation, at Flux Factory in Queens, NY (

Eugene Presents is the second installment of Eugene, a series of publications concerned with questions of media and mediation, the materiality of print and writing, and the experience of authorship.

To participate: Eugene will mail you a notebook, instructions and a copy of the story, along with an addressed return envelope. Please send requests or questions to Toby at toby at yellowtrousers dot net.

For further information, please visit the following websites: