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Curator and Project Manager at Art Center Nabi

  • Deadline:
    July 29, 2005, midnight

Dear Perspective Colleagues:

Art Center Nabi, a new media art center in Seoul, Korea, is seeking for a new media art curator and a project manager for its lab. Since 2000, Nabi has been leading the field of media arts in Korea through production, exhibition, education, and research on the cross platform of art, technology and social science. (For more information, http://www.nabi.or.kr) We are now moving into the second stage of our development, where we focus on developing projects actively engaging the communications industry, local governments and academia, not only in Korea but also internationally. Projects are now being formed in the areas of urban, wireless and personal media, which require competent project managers.

We are in demand more than our current capability, perhaps because Nabi is a unique institution in Korea that can cross the boundaries between technology, humanity and creative communities. Also having a telecommunication company as one of our sponsors helps us experiment communication related projects in test-bed situations. We are a young organization, and in the process of setting up systematic research and curatorial practices. We seek committed professionals who would not only envision new user experiences, but realize them through art and research projects.

Here are some basic job descriptions. Further information will be provided by contacting us via (shy@nabi.or.kr) on individual basis with your cv’s.

1. Project Manager for Lab
You will be responsible for overseeing location based, wireless media projects, both existing and new. You will work with one or two staffs of Nabi who have experiences in coordinating interdisciplinary works. We offer you 3 years of employment, which can be extended of course.

[Required]: general knowledge about communication media, specific interest and knowledge in wireless media, ability to learn quickly about new media technology, ability to network and outsource

[Preferred]: industry experience of more than 3 years in related fields as project manager and Korean language skill

2. New Media Curator
Responsible for producing knowledge and art events/projects
[Required] : knowledge and experience in the field of new media arts
[Preferred] : advanced degree in the areas of communication studies, media aesthetics or mediology

Thank you for your attention.

Soh Yeong Roh
Art Center Nabi
99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu
Seoul, Korea