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Call for proposals : in-out workshop | exhibition

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 1, 2005, midnight

info :
apply at in-out.citu.info
deadline: 30th September 2005

Public :
The workshop is open to experienced artists, students and researchers. It is also planned that a small group of persons will be allowed to attend the workshop.

When :
workshop 7-12 nov 2005
exhibition 29 nov-1 dec 2005

What :
CITU organises a first event within the framework on its research/creation activity. Creation joins up with research in the field of data processing. The most recent artistic practices include more and more moments of capture - of movements, sounds, images, light, temperature, pressure, etc - that, once they are interpreted, produce new data left to the public to appreciate. If data “digestion” is common to all living organisms, that of the artist in what distinguishes or comes near to that of a scientist, becomes a major issue of contemporary creation. This intervention of the CITU is singularly at the junction between research, creation and representation.

The one-week workshop will allow the participants to discover a large range of data capture and treatment modalities from different sources (level up courses on real time data processing, etc.) They will be invited to conceive and realise a project that will integrate the exhibition device composed of n identical boxes. This device is the constraint as well as the theme of the exhibition. In each box, a wall has a In plug on one side and an OUT plug on the other. Each projects begins (not exclusively) from a signal coming from the preceding project/box and sends a signal to the following box. In between, the author will be able to explore a whole range of different fields going from music to dance using video, networking or interactive interfaces.

The projects would use any kind of data processing, transmission, analysis, visualisation or interpretation. The realisation, planned before hand and developed during the workshop, will be finalised in the period between the workshop and the exhibition.

Finally, the in-out workshop will end on a exhibition during the H2PTM conference. The device presented to the public will represent a real time data processing loop constituted by a sequence of artistic modules, independents concerning the treatment of data but inter-dependants on the content.

CITU is a federation of labs initiated by Paris 8 and Paris 1 Universities
acting as a research engine
in the field of transdisciplinary artistic creation and emerging media.

Partners :
The musical research group Prisma, brings together composers that shares the same project articulated around musical research, diffusion, production and teaching. Their objective is to create music as much “thought than felt”.