Eyebeam's "Circuit" - A new program for emerging artists

  • Deadline:
    July 20, 2005, 8:39 a.m.


Eyebeam has developed Circuit in response to the need for emerging
artists, particularly those exiting graduate-level programs (ie artists
who have not shown their work in a professional setting or outside of
university) to exhibit work and receive professional critique and exposure
to networks within the art and technology community. This three-day
intensive program offers a particular group of artists working and
experimenting with new tools and practices, the opportunity to:

- meet fellow artists working with similar media;
- have the experience of exhibiting work at an art and technology center
in New York City
- receive critique from peers and professional curators, gallerists,
artists, academics, writers, theorists, etc.
- publicly present work during a public event at Eyebeam to gain feedback
from peers, professionals and the public

The program will run three times per year, with a maximum of 6 artist
participants per Circuit program. Please see the information below
regarding the selection process and application timeline.

Selected artists will exhibit their work in Eyebeam's exhibition space for
three days, during which time they will take part in a critique organized
by Eyebeam's Education and Curatorial staff, and present and/or perform
their projects during a public event at Eyebeam at the end of the three

Artists interested in applying to take part in Circuit should view this
program as a way to publicly prototype work under development (ie thesis
projects that are ready for the next level of presentation), and take part
in a rare structured critical discourse outside of the academic setting.
Eyebeam is interested in projects ranging from moving image, sound and
physical computing works, to software, websites, technical prototypes,
performances, workshops and other forms of public interventions.

- Circuit will run three times per year.
- Circuits will be curated to the extent that similarly themed work (in
terms of content and/or medium) will be grouped together to allow for a
more focused critique and informed discussions about the work.
- Selected artists will gather on Thursday morning over coffee and
breakfast before installation begins.
- Set up/install will take place Thursday (all works will be installed by
8pm Thursday) and the artists will have two full days of exhibition on
Friday and Saturday.
- Works will be on-view Friday and Saturday to the public (12-6pm).
- Friday evening at 4:00pm artists will take part in a closed professional
critique with select Eyebeam staff and invited guest critics.
- 6:30 PM on Saturday evening will be a public event designed to give the
participating students an opportunity to present and/or perform their
work, and discuss their projects for 10-15 minutes to an audience in
Eyebeam's space.

Selection Process
Submissions are rolling. A Selection Committee will meet three times in a
year and curate three to four Circuit programs per year based on recurring
themes, content and media amongst the applicants.

Online Application
Go to: http://www.eyebeam.org/production/onlineapp/index.php

Schedule for the coming year:
Circuit 1: September 8-10, 2005
Call for participants/Letter to schools: June 17, 2005
Deadline: August 22, 2005

Circuit 2: February 9-11, 2006
Call for participants/Letter to schools: November 15, 2005
Deadline: January 16, 2006

Circuit 3: June 8-10, 2006
Call for participants/Letter to schools: March 21, 2006
Deadline: May 19, 2006

Program Contact:
Liz Slagus
Director of Education
212.937.6580 ext. 230

*there is currently no travel budget, although we would like to consider
non-New York residents. Grad students should check with their respective
programs for available funds.

Jessica Ivins
ema. jessica@rhizome.org

Jessica Ivins
Intern, Rhizome.org
New Museum of Contemporary Art
210 11th Avenue 2nd Floor
NYC, NY 10001

tel. 212.219.1288 X 208
fax. 212.431.5328
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