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great artwork and that is yours.
If you want to see more awesome artwork go to:

Jim Andrews April 4 2004 09:07Reply

The space of art is like to a bit, which a geek took, and sowed in his
puter: which indeed is the least of all info: but when it is grown, it is
the greatest among burbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds lodge in
the branches thereof.

Tamara LAI Aug. 14 2005 05:31Reply

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Joao Ferreira Oct. 9 2007 06:27Reply

after conjectures, philosophies, identities or globally, the mean time is
everywhere: in our story, in the outdoors or in me.
After wars, agreements, bridges, technological impacts, what do we have?
Maybe we can think globally? or individually? or economically? repeat
history or learning with it and its improvements?