The Signal Culture Cookbook - Now Available

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    Signal Culture, 68 North Ave, 3rd Floor, Owego, New York, 13827, US

Signal Culture is proud to announce the official release of The Signal Culture Cookbook!

The Signal Culture Cookbook is a collection of techniques and creative practices employed by artists working in the field of media arts. Articles include real-time glitch video processing, direct laser animation on film, transforming your drawing into a fake computer, wi-fi mapping, alternative uses for piezo mics, visualizing earthquakes in real time and using swarm algorithms to compose new musical structures. There's even a great, humorous article on how to use offline technology for enhancing your online sentience - and more!

E-book (PDF) available for a $25 donation only here:

The Cookbook was edited by Tammy McGovern, and features an introduction by Gerar Edizel. Contributors to the cookbook include Atif Akin, Brett Ian Balogh, Jason Bernagozzi, Michael Betancourt, Alan Bigelow, Michael Bosworth, Angélica Piedrahita, Carl Diehl, Nicholas Economos, Jesse England, Pascale Gustin, Darius Kazemi, Eric Leonardson, Evan Merz, Ellen Pearlman, Kristin Reeves, Stephanie Rothenberg, Bill Sack, Ruth Sergel, Michael Trigilio, Lee Montgomery, Charles Woodman, and Judson Wright.

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