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Google earth extemporary land art

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Out from Live Architectures: a new series of Net-AR artworks created on Google Earth, 2014.
Live Architectures is a series of digital and interactive artworks created over time in a wide-range production developed to reshape the indoor and the outdoor architecture and environmental places as well as the ‘digital environment’, transforming it into something alive and vibrant. This series of site-specific artworks is created and usable exclusively on Google Earth. Through the augmented reality technology, the artwork aims to create an extemporary-temporary virtual land-art, constructing a sort of "mise en abyme" or “droste effect”, in which an element shifts the other in depth, merging the Google earth environment with the augmented area in order to create a new space.

“Augmented forces on Google Earth” invites the viewer to use the Augmented Reality on the Google Earth browser underwater due to some mysterious quadratic endogenous forces paradoxically/ironically working inversely off the coast of the Ostia Sea. Inspired by the Gino De Dominicis act/attempt of 1969, to form squares instead of circles in the water, an augmented’ real-time land-art condition appears to the spectators’ eyes watching a submerged Google Earth.

“Augmented sky-trip on Google Earth - The strawberry ice storm” thanks to the Augmented Reality, involves the viewer to take a crazy trip into a storm of iced/acid strawberry over the Google Earth fly simulator. During the storm/trip, bizarrely, only one strawberry glitching landed successful on the ramp n. 13 of the Buenos Aires Airport on Google Earth.