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LEIMAY Ludus Lab with butoh dancer Moeno Wakamatsu

  • Location:
    CAVE home of LEIMAY, 58 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, New York, 11249, US

β€œThe basis of my dance is an attempt to make visible what already exists in the environment but was hitherto invisible and without meaning.”

In dance, if we position ourselves to perceive the environment directly, the environment itself will manifest in our body as presence, physicality, and movement. When the mind and body are in a status of acute listening, we can approach an expression of the true-self. This LEIMAY Ludus Training Lab will focus on physical and mental training to sharpen awareness, sensitivity, and concentration. How can the body be moved, not by self-volition, but by the properties of time, space, and matter? How to sense and embody the subtleties of density, weight, temperature, light/darkness, textures, and currents of time and space. How to clearly externalize and to direct felt sensations and desires as an expression.

Dates: October 24th, 6:00pm-10:00pm // October 25th & 26th, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Price: $160 full course / $56 single class

Join us for another LEIMAY Ludus Lab with butoh dancer and Body Weather Practitioner Sherwood Chen from October 17th - 19th! http://leimaymain.cavearts.org/?p=3015