Throwing Things at the Sky

  • Location:
    3331 Arts Chiyoda , 6-11-14 Sotokanda , Tokyo, Chiyoda-Ku, 101-0021, JP

Artist: Barry Whittaker

Cumulating his residency with 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Barry Whittaker (American artist active in Toledo, Ohio) will be presenting a series of video, print, and game-based works in this exhibition.

With abundant opportunities for miscommunication in everyday experience, where excessive digital communication throws messages in and out of space, Whittaker has been able to feed these experiences into his newest generative works and soundscapes.

[From the Artist]
I like to image communication in its most fractured and disrupted forms. Our inaccuracies travel across space and time. We're only aware of our communication tools because of their failings and shortcomings. I believe that artwork should inspire dialog between individuals or between a work and its audience. With this in mind, I experiment with technology and the structure of communication both as subjects and as processes.