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Dream Home with Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and Sara Ludy at Affordable Wick

  • Location:
    arebyte gallery, Unit 4, 49 White Post Lane, london, London, E95EN, GB

Dream Home with Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and Sara Ludy at Affordable Wick during Hackney WickED

‘Dream Home’, a multi-faceted media installation looking at the gaps between reality and fantasy as manifested in the online and offline experience together with a critical examination of the recent housing and financial crisis. The installation features the work of two very talented artists Lattanzi Antinori and Sara Ludy, who’s work use the digital, offline and online as their main artistic tool.

The piece, ‘Olympic walk’ by Fabio Lattanzi Antinori manipulates and hacks the methods of description used by online and offline real-estate agents and services to portray different aspects of a property in order to make it appealing and attractive, thus transform and expose its poetic and lyrical nature making them absurd and fantastic.
Adding to the fantasy, the work ‘Dream House’ by Sara Ludy shows a tour of 3D rendered architectural and interior landscapes floating in space. Each shot is carefully constructed and planned resembling the very familiar home décor and architecture magazines aesthetics.
The installation is placed within the wooden cabin made by Affordable Wick as a research for alternative spaces within the city.

The cabin and the two works create a dialogue between the physicality of the space it is situated in, the texts and poems which are intended to make us dream and the house which only exists in our dreams and fantasies. This circle, which may feel endless in our pursuit of material happiness, brings us to find alternatives and settle for what we can afford rather than what we wish and therefore draws us away from the physical possibilities of the fantasy. But can the fantasy which exists online satisfy us or does it only keep the dream alive?

Curated by Nimrod Vardi

Title:Olympic walk
Year: 2014
Medium: Algorithmic poems, on-line found property ads, custom code, photo digital frames.

Title: Dream House
Year: 2014
Medium: Video, 10 min.