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Neanderthal electronics meets Biophysical music - summer events in Estonia

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hope to find you well.

Here to inform you about this humble and exciting tour in Estonia that Derek Holzer and myself are starting today and the ways you can join us.

The tour includes an artistic residency in a remote spot, a one-day bus tour to play music in abandoned villages, and a double workshop on Soundboxes and Biophysical music performance.

Soundboxes homepage: http://macumbista.net/?page_id=1897
Xth Sense homepage: http://res.marcodonnarumma.com/projects/xth-sense

\\\\\\\\\\\ Artistic Residency at MAAJAAM
Valgamaa, EE.

- The residency will serve to develop new writing towards the realisation of a new musical performance for body technologies to be premiered at Spectrum, NYC, this October.

MAAJAAM is a project space in an old farm in Estonian countryside where art meets technology. Substituting the urban environment with a hilly rural landscape allows us to observe technology in it’s pure form and analyze it’s connections to us and the nature.

\\\\\\\\\\\ Olematute kylade projekt / Project for Non-existent Villages
Võru, EE.

- One-day tour playing electro-acoustic and biophysical music across several abandoned villages in the Estonian countryside.

Expect some modular and visceral sounds resonating crackling walls:


Audience, curators and artists travel together on a bus throughout a whole day of sound, silence, ghost houses and unexpected acoustics. Those villages are considered as null pointers; those points existing on maps and in cultural memory but which have lost the objects being refered to. Participating artists excavate embedded meanings in these culturally changing environments and search for intersections of traditional and contemporary cultural practices.

Book a spot for on the bus for 1 Euro by emailing to buss@taavisuisalu.com.

\\\\\\\\\\\ Soundboxes + Xth Sense workshops
Tallinn, EE.

Intensive two days crash course on building and making noise with the Soundboxes handmade electronics, and the Xth Sense biophysical wearable instrument.