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Stupid Pills presents Modern Animals #1: Mr. Sneaky and Friends

  • Location:
    Hyperion Tavern, 1941 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90027, US

Hosted Mr. Sneaky, the nearly-horse-size fluffy dog, Stupid Pills presents a night of performance, music, film, and discourse concerning the strange, strained relations between non-human and human animals. Instinct/logic, fangs/drones, no-kill shelters/bestiality brothels, sacred cows, wile e. coyotes, parrot pampers, angry birds, happy meals… What is this bizarre co-existence? Less about moral positions, more about plotting out and creatively exploring absurdities, hypocrisies, and conundrums within the animal-human puzzle. With: Karen Adelman, Beagle One-Ism, Jenn Berger, Maura Brewer, Alyse Emdur, Paul Gachot, John Geary, Rachel Mayeri, Vivian Sming, Caspar Sonnet. Introduction: Robert C. Jones, Department of Philosophy, CSU. DJ's: Oliver Payne, MC Hymnal. Doors at 7:00 pm, show at 8:30.