"Temporary" opening July 5th OCCCA and VAALA

  • Location:
    Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, 117 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana, California, 92701, US

I'm pleased to announce that "Temporary" will be included in "Home" at OCCCA and VAALA. VAALA Culture Center (Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association) and OCCCA (Orange County Center for Contemporary Art) are co-hosting the exhibition.

The word “HOME” resonates on cultural, emotional, intellectual, religious, philosophical, political and spiritual levels—as a place, a space, a myth, a source of identity, a promised land, a state of being, a war zone, an impossibility, and/or an inalienable right. The goal of the exhibition is to illuminate and enrich our understanding of the concept of “HOME” through artworks that critically explore the concept and that also allow us to see various interpretations of the concept from different cultural standpoints (i.e. Vietnamese American, Cambodian American, Mexican American, White American, generational, etc.). OCCCA website

"Temporary" explores the temporary state of each interaction and every juncture, within the confines of a home. Planting annuals; picking ripe summer tomatoes; the smell of cut grass, laughter and fleeting moments of play; strangers thrown together; all played out under a bright summer sun, as a family and a construction crew share space during a house project. The crew builds an addition on the front of the house while the family carries on their routines at the back of the house. The piece also depicts the transient nature of the crew’s presence, not just in this job, but perhaps more fundamentally as immigrants, moving from job to job - tomorrow, another house, another family.