INTRACORPI... et nos cedamus amori

  • Location:
    Museo Vignoli, via Santino de Nova, Seregno, Monza e Brianza, IT

From Saturday, June 14 to Sunday, July 6, 2014, the Museum Vignoli in Seregno opens its doors to the public with the exhibition "INTRACORPI … et nos cedamus amori". An analysis of the artistic career of Giancarlo Marcali (Richterwil - Switzerland 1963 ) from 2010 to the present, through the works which have marked every phase of what the artist describes as "artistic boiling point" of a vision.

An exhibition strongly desired by the artist. As Giancarlo Marcali said, "this show has a great emotional and personal value as well as a professional one It's my "first time" in the area where I grew up and in which I live and work for more than four years. It sounds like an important opportunity to show my artistic path to the people with whom I share my everyday life".

The opening will take place on Saturday, June 14th at 18:00 and will see the special participation of the poet and performer Paola Turroni, accompanied by guitarist Carlo Monti, for a multimedia reading of great emotional intensity: words, music and images to interpret and present one of the unpublished projects made by the artist.

On display seven large-scale installations, two of which made for the occasion. Handwriting on paper, x-rays, photoengraving on Agfa film, mirror boxes: the different means of expression of the artist chase after the need to re-veil the instant in which "everything changes, explodes and implodes, forever". That instant, which has the appearance of the painful moment of an end, but which manifests itself as the epiphany of the life force of a beginning.

Didi-Huberman, philosopher and art historian speaks of "images, which touch something, then someone. Images to go to the heart of the issues: touching to see or, on the contrary, touching not to see anymore; seeing but not to touch or, on the contrary, seeing to touch". Giancarlo Marcali shapes the meaning of his works, their "going to the heart of the issues" through the revelation of sensitive and visible relationships in the image of which the artwork itself is the creator. And in a melee fight with ordinary perception, through an opening of the space and time dimensions, the artist moves emotions, actions and bodily sensations of the viewer. The artist's vision is an "imaginary vision" which opens up to the visitor different worlds of images and different levels of experience, to create a horizon of meaning in which the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the intangible, the presence and the absence will re-unite under the banner of universal love. To give back to everyone, the vision of the tissue and essence of himself, to explore the vision far beyond the merely aesthetic.

The exhibition, organized by Mikeroart (Michelangelo Anastasi and Lucyna Eroded Marelli Raska), under the patronage of the City of Seregno, sponsored by Biemme Ltd. and Computer Dream; K-KLASS; Moregallo; Building Enterprise Scozzari; EGE Construction; Love Bar; Artephoto, in media partnership with the Journal of Seregno and Seregno TV will be open according to the following hours: Wed-Thu-Fri: from 19.00 to 21.00; Sat: from 16.00 to 20.00; Sun: 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00 (free admission). Exhibition catalogue, with texts by Stefano Migliorini and Flavia Lanza.