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Art-A-Hack -Artists, Technologists, Let's Collaborate

  • Location:
    ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Avenue, New York

It's finally here - A chance for Artists and Technologists to come together and really make it happen!

We are really excited to announce our first call for participation! We are organizing a collaborative creation between three pairings of artist/engineer, or of designer/maker or whatever combination makes sense based on your project proposals.
Are you interested in taking part? We are looking for people to join the fun - check out the open call below and apply now! Please send your ideas to art-a-hack@jahya.net­ - we really want to work with you!

Open Call
Art-A-Hack (TM) is an open call for artists and engineers, designers and makers - serious creative/technical shoot-for-the stars dreamers who would like to come together to make a BIG impact with some of the newest equipment on the planet.

Here’s the deal: We will provide space for three Saturdays in June and July, some equipment, listed below (which you are free to use or not use), facilitation and advice, and a stellar showcase opportunity. All you need to bring is an open mind and your usual skill set, be it as a maker, engineer, creative artist, or some other skill you tell us about.
We want to hear your ideas and we will team you up with like-minded souls. We will select three groups to blast off into the stratosphere together.

For 3 Saturdays, June 28, July 12 and July 19 we can co-create at ThoughtWorks @ 99 Madison Avenue, and come up something that has never been before. There are no restrictions on what you make, so long as you can make it with the existing equipment or can provide your own between your collaborators.

We will then have a well-earned closing party where you can present your final work (prototype, artwork, idea), chat and network and land back on the planet.

Send us your ideas now, to art-a-hack@jahya.net­. Tell us a project idea you want to try, or just the types of projects or technologies you’d like to get into. Send us some info about your skills, background and what you’d like to contribute.