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Yodel – EA – OH! a 6-hour internet jam

  • Location:
    Broadcast live on NAISA Radio: http://naisa.ca/naisa-radio and after 7:30pm @ The NAISA Space #252 T,

A six hour internet jam with sound artists and vocalists participating from around the world. Inspired by the book Yodel in Hi Fi by bart plantenga, Yodel - EA – OH! Plays on the long distance communications origins of Yodeling to create cross-cultural links between artists in real time around the globe. For more details go to: See https://www.facebook.com/events/465044103597779/

Guests: bart plantenga, Eldad Tsabary, Andreas Monopolis – MoCM, Bart Plantenga, Girilal Baars, Primal Barber Trio, Polsick (aka Pablo Anglade) with Agustín Spinetto, Adam Tindale, d0kt0r0 (a.k.a. David Ogborn), "Forever Moonlight - Marc Sloan &
Maggie Ens", Scot Bullick, Biting Eye (aka Ben Bridges), James Bailey, Liz Pieries with fourthousandblackbirds and Eric Boivin, Zazalie Z. (aka Nathalie Dion), Kutzkelina (aka Doreen Kutzke), Jewel Clark, Danibal, and Paul Dutton.