The Stoop Series: Katabasis

  • Location:
    BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11217, US

BRIC's April 1 “Stoop Series” event will be a presentation of Katabasis, a 40-min video piece by Brooklyn artist Cooper Holoweski that is screened with an accompanying live score performed by 3 musicians. A conversation with the artist, let by architect, writer and Cooper Union professor David Gersten will follow the projection/performance. Katabasis moves the viewer though an elaborately constructed Google Sketchup wasteland of 3D models and explores the themes of death, limbo, and rebirth. Together with the live performance of an evolving musical score, it creates a multi-sensory experience that exemplifies this tense liminal space of Katabasis.

BRIC’s Stoop Series illuminates the arts and life around us in Brooklyn through artistic performances and presentations, framed by dynamic conversations with some of the city’s most innovative artists, thinkers, and tastemakers.

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