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Algorithmic Tattoos Workshop

  • Location:
    apexart, 291 Church Street, New York, New York, New York, 10013, US

In this workshop, we'll use algorithms to create custom temporary tattoos. An algorithm is a set of rules that can be executed by a computer program. Algorithms can be used to create beautiful and ornate forms and patterns. Participants in the workshop will use design software to create their own algorithmic patterns, and then apply them to the body as temporary tattoos. No prior computer or programming experience is required.

Jennifer Jacobs is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab in the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group. She earned her Master of Science degree at MIT working with the High-Low Tech Research Group, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Hunter College in Manhattan. Her research examines ways to diversify participation in computer programming by building computational tools for aesthetic design and physical making. Her current project is DressCode, software that engages people with all levels of experience in the creation of clothing and fashion accessories using computational design.