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LEIMAY Ludus Lab with butoh dancer Kota Yamazaki

  • Location:
    CAVE home of LEIMAY, 58 Grand Street, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, New York, 11249, US

In this single session, students will explore the unknown possibilities of butoh through Kota Yamazaki’s approach to butoh and his Fluid Technique. Butoh’s approach to space and time is almost opposite from Western dance forms. By imaging physical senses such as distorting, weakening, sickening, sinking, and inwarding and by sensing absence and presence, a constant bodily transformation is provoked. Students will be encouraged to develop an awareness of what is occurring both inwardly and outwardly. In Fluid Technique, just as in Noguchi Taizo, the body is a container filled with water. When a part of the body is dropped from a neutral condition, weight and gravity create momentum. By loosening every joint of the body and awakening inner awareness, the subtle flow of vibration can be sensed and enabled to travel through the joints. This vibration can then be transformed into fluid movement as well as into vocalization.

Date: June 8th // 10:00am-1:00pm
Price: $36
Pre-registration is required
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Kota Yamazaki is a Japanese dancer and choreographer graduated from Bunka Fashion College. In 1977 he was introduced to butoh and in 1981 began studying classical ballet. His company, Fluid hug-hug, and his work has been presented nationally and internationally. In 2007, Yamazaki received the New York Dance and Performance Award (“Bessie”) with Germaine Acogny.