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new release: Claudio Parodi Heavy Nichel Creative Sources Cs251

Claudio Parodi Heavy Nichel Creative Sources Cs251

listen to first track at https://soundcloud.com/sound-is-my-shelter/heavy-nichel-1

buy CD: 15 euro via PayPal to soundismyshelter@libero.it
bulk purchase: 8 euro per copy via PayPal to soundismyshelter@libero.it

Claudio Parodi
Heavy Nichel

Sound is my shelter Book One
solo Turkish clarinet improvisation

Claudio Parodi Turkish clarinet

1 – Heavy Nichel 1 17’54”
2 – Heavy Nichel 2 11’48”
3 – Heavy Nichel 3 17’19”
4 – Heavy Nichel 4 14’34”

total running time 61’35”

all music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM)

Sound is my shelter is an ongoing series of recordings of solo improvisations, in which I will employ one by one all the instruments I can play. Who knows me personally knows that I’m continuously buying instruments, in order to find new tools to express my own music. To give you an example, on the same day of the editing and mastering of this CD, I bought a soprano saxophone. Likely, this series will never see an end. The only rule I will follow is to record when the kairos (ancient Greek for “the right moment”) has come, in terms of practising and reflecting.

Heavy Nichel is the complete recording of a performance in studio. Tracks were put in order to have a more comfortable listening; anyway, as there is no pause in between the tracks, continuous listening is possible.

A special thanks to Thomas Buckner, who suggested the title of this CD long time before it was even thought about.

In memory of Nadia Ongarato.

Claudio Parodi, July the 19th, 2012

Recorded by Paolo Valenti at Loud Music, Genova, Italia on June the 9th, 2012. Violet “the dolly”, Schoeps CMC6 MK4, two Oktava 012, direct to hard-disk.
Editing and mastering by Claudio Parodi and Paolo Valenti at Loud Music on July the 18th, 2012.