Synthetic Zero Interactive/Art/Video/Performance Event

  • Location:
    BronxArtSpace, 305 E. 140th St #1A, Bronx, New York, 10454, US

The next Synthetic Zero Event will include augmented reality, interactive 3D art, performance, net, video and art installations, prints, and drawings. It is curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and will be at BronxArtSpace (only 20 mins from Union Square).


Patrick Quinn - multimedia performance - New York, NY (Sat only)
Cory Kram - performance - Philadelphia, PA (Sat only)
Anna Lise Jensen - performance - New York, NY

experimental video

Kyra Garrigue - "Passage" - Troy, NY
Julien Poidevin - "Symp/tone" - Nantes, France
Joan Oh - "Double Tap, Construe" - Philadelphia, PA
Sandrine Deumier and Alx P.op - "Un.reality" - Toulouse, France
Michael Betancourt - "Dancing Glitch" - Savannah, GA
Kim Collmer - "The Conversation" - Cologne, Germany
Fran Lejeune and Jean-Michel Rolland - "Neons Melody" - Lorraine, France
Charles Chadwick - "She Saw His Reflection and Thought He Was Inside" - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Guli Silberstein - "Video Work" - London, UK
Jasmine Powell - "Counterparting" - Berlin, Germany

visual art

Sabrina Barrios - installation - New York, NY
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow - sculpture - Brooklyn, NY
Frank Spigner - electronic installation - New York, NY
Meg Duguid - newspapers - Brooklyn, NY
Anna Lise Jensen - photography - New York, NY
Emily Roberts-Negron - prints - Woodstock, NY
Shannon Novak - iPad interactive installation - Auckland, New Zealand
Jurgen Trautwein - interactive installation - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Maya Jeffereis - video installation - Brooklyn, NY
Alyssa Casey - collage - New York, NY
Karl Heinz Jeron - video installation - Berlin, Germany
Tycho Horan - prints - New York, NY
Jess Willa Wheaton - painting - New York, NY
Balam Solo - interactive cube installation - New York, NY

If you would like to submit work for a future show, email us at with information about your submission; links, images, etc. Video should be submitted as a video file, Vimeo, or YouTube link.

Synthetic Zero / BronxArtSpace
305 E 140th St #1A
Bronx, NY 10454


The art space is at 305 E. 140th St., #1A, Bronx NY 10454.

We're about 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th St, it's 2 blocks from there. Note there are two exits at 3rd Ave/138th, one at Alexander Ave and one at 3rd Ave. Ring 3A or 1B if 1A does not answer.


Note: These events are made possible in part by contributions from individual donors, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Puffin Foundation.