bit by bit

  • Location:
    The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, 2950 Broadway , New York, New York, 10026, US

bit by bit is an event that joins seven renowned storytellers with seven prominent technologists in teams of two and challenges them to make something new together. We will follow the collaborations as they mix word and code, novel and database, algorithm and theater. And for the first time, they unveil their creations at a public conference.

bit by bit is an exploration into how we find and tell stories in our increasingly digitized, networked, and computer-mediated world.Through this program, the seven teams will reflect on the powerful pairing of story and technology and the roles they play in society, discovering and reimagining the poignant and the persuasive, the confining and liberating.

On March 1, bit by bit will conclude with a day of public performances, “readings,” whatever that might mean, of the stories created by the seven teams. The day will also include a reception featuring the best of the student work created in the previous weekend’s digital storytelling lab.