CultureHub.TV presents Laraaji + Dutch E Germ + Mattie Hillock

  • Location:
    CultureHub, 47 Great Jones, 3rd Floor, New York, New York, 10012, US

CultureHub is pleased showcase an audiovisual collaboration between three New York-based experimental artists, LARAAJI, DUTCH E GERM, AND MATTIE HILLOCK. Laraaji will perform his own unique brand of ambient music that decades ago caught the ears of his notorious collaborator, Brian Eno. Dutch E Germ is Tim DeWit, a founding member of Gang Gang Dance who juxtaposes the organic, electronic, the rhythmic, and the abstract. Fresh off of exhibiting in the first ever virtual art biennale, The Wrong, visual artist Mattie Hillock will show new work accompanying the performance.
We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of CultureHub.TV. In support of our mission to promote collaboration across art and technology, CultureHub.TV will serve as a virtual venue for CultureHub’s interdisciplinary productions and experiments in telepresence and networked performance. The performance will be livestreamed in high definition at http://CULTUREHUB.TV/.

Tickets to be a part of the studio audience are available in a limited quantity via eventbrite

Laraaji is a musician, mystic and laughter meditation practitioner based in New York City. He began playing music on the streets in the 1970s, improvising trance-inducing jams on a modified autoharp processed through various electronic effects. Brian Eno saw him playing one night in Washington Square Park and invited him to record an album for his seminal Ambient series (Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance, 1980.) Laraaji has gone on to release a prolific series of albums for a wide variety of labels, many of which he recorded himself at home and sold as cassettes during his street performances. In recent years he has been collaborating with a new generation of underground musicians, most notably on the album he recorded for the acclaimed FRKWYS series with Blues Control.

Tim DeWit has been a cornerstone of underground music for over a decade. From his early roots in the DC punk scene with The Cranium to the founding of Gang Gang Dance, DeWit has consistently spread an exotic sense of rhythm and melody wherever his career has taken him. As a touring member he’s played drums in bands as diverse as Cass McCombs, Ssab Songs with Harmony Korine, Neil Hegarty and Teengirl Fantasy. Tim’s pilgrimage to New York with Brian Degraw began GGD’s first abstract experiments like Revival Of The Shittest and God’s Money, which he produced as well as performed. DeWit contributed to The Boredoms 77 Boa Drum and toured until a nearly fatal gunshot injury forced him to leave GGD before their final albums, without a musical output until now.

In the years leading to his return from silence, DeWit has composed soundtrack work for new Oscilloscope films 12 O’clock Boys, Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors and Leilah Weinraub’s forthcoming female strip club documentary Shakedown. Tim also contributed to NY fashion underdog Hood By Air’s runway music and sound design. As Dutch E Germ he has performed at Venus X’s seminal Ghe2o G0th1k parties and appeared sparingly as remixer for musicians like Fatima Al Qadiri and Mas Ysa. In 2014 DEG will continue to deliver solo music progressing his rhythmic intricacies developed in GGD with contemporary influence and worldly aim. Showcased now under his own name, his debut IN.RAK.DUST features an unhinged musician in mid flight after a respite from the storm.

Mattie Hillock was born in Harvey, Illinois. He received his degree in painting from Pratt Institute. He lives and works in New York City, showing with Outlet Gallery as well as creating site-specific work for URL/IRL galleries/platforms/spaces/groups. He has also shown work in Paris, Venice, Toronto, Chicago, & San Francisco. @Maaatttiiieee