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Dorothy Krakovsky: Recent Paintings

  • Location:
    Soapbox Gallery, 636 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York, New York, 11238, US

Soapbox Gallery is proud to present this astonishing abstract work by 90-year-old painter Dorothy Krakovsky. Her paintings, in the 6’ x 6’ range, keep trace of her energy, with brush strokes falling, rolling and splashing on the canvas, while also displaying a delicate sense of balance. Krakovsky expresses a surprising conviction in each stroke and shape, but also demonstrates a palpable sense of risk.
These are the recent works of a painter who is diminished in physical capacity, but when in the act of painting moves as if she is possessed. The dream of flying is so real, yet, when we wake we know it is not possible, but in Krakovsky’s recent work she flies and takes us with her on the journey. The mark making is her handwriting, her secret and sacred codes and symbols, where joy is present.