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The Unstitute: [dis]Corporate Bodies Project Launch and call for submissions

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[dis]Corporate Bodies: Undermining the Institution

[dis]Corporate Bodies - a radical new form of interactive archive which aims to subvert the notion of 'The Institution' and proposes to forge new connections in anti-establishment thought and practice.

Current Participants:
Dato Mio (USA)
Ilich Castillo (Equador)
Ralph Klewitz (Borneo)
Sam Stolton (UK)

Please view [dis]Corporate Bodies:http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.html

About the participants:http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.Collaborators.html

If you would like to contribute please view the proposal and submission details: http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.Project.html